Who Cleans Up the Debris After a Fire?

Fire Debris Cleanup

What Goes on Following a Fire

People rarely expect that their property or business will catch on fire leading to widespread damage, but unfortunately fires do happen. They happen for a number of reasons, which is generally the result of an accident. Fires can range from isolated and mild damage to severe damages leading to a building or property being completely destroyed. While the destruction is obvious when someone looks at it, rarely do people ponder about what goes on next like who will clean up the debris and possibly demolish any part of the property that needs demolishing. Are there companies out there who can clean up debris and how long does that process typically take?

Are There Companies Who Specialize in Fire Cleanup?

Companies do exist for fire debris cleanup contracts. A company that specializes in fire debris cleanup can help people out who have had their properties or houses damaged or destroyed by fire. These companies generally are licensed in this type of work and with their expertise can spot things that could be hazardous within the debris. Items like aerosol cans, propane tanks, fertilizers, and household cleaning supplies are all things that could be hazardous in the cleanup. This is why it is important to hire a company that can take care of these things. 

How Long Does Cleanup Take?

Cleanup can take anywhere from a few days to months depending upon how severe the damage is. Some people are able to rebuild their houses, while others have to completely demolish them. Sometimes the materials of the house are so badly damaged that it does in fact need someone to come in and make an assessment on whether they should try and rebuild the house or destroy it. A licensed inspector can come in and inspect the damages as well for any potentially hazardous items that are on the premises. 

Do I Need a Professional?

A professional debris cleanup company generally has the experience and skills required to carry out projects where demolition or debris cleanup is required. These companies and their workers understand the complexity of the scene where the fire took place and know how to spot things that could be dangerous on the premises. It is highly recommended that professionals be contacted to do your debris cleanup. Contact an experienced and knowledgeable fire debris cleanup contractor like Nielsen Environmental today to help out if you require these types of services.