How to Prevent a Knee Injury

How to Prevent a Knee Injury

Those currently suffering from a knee-related injury can consult with a doctor, like a knee doctor from Premier Osteoarthritis Centers of Pennsylvania, for a health evaluation. You may have been dealing with pain or discomfort for some time now and are looking for relief. Knee doctors believe in helping patients get to a better place through integrative medicine.

In order to help prevent a knee injury from happening or becoming worse, you can practice following the tips below. If you have any questions about the information provided, do not hesitate to reach out to a doctor today. 

Preventative Tips: 

  • Maintain overall fitness including lower body strength
  • Wear proper fitting shoes and buy specialty workout shoes for sports
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Do not overexert yourself when training
  • Use proper exercise stances and lifting techniques
  • Avoid surfaces that are uneven, broken, or slippery
  • Do not walk a long distance on loose gravel or turf 
  • Utilize knee braces and pads if needed for sports, or as required by your doctor
  • Seek treatment for osteoporosis if you have been diagnosed
  • Do all rehabilitative exercises for previous knee injuries
  • Examine your household and fix areas that may cause a fall 

Reasons Knee Injuries Happen 

Knee injuries are most commonly due to an excessive amount of force being applied to the knee through bending or twisting. Most knee injuries result from twisting during sports, falling, or other accidents. A twisted knee may cause damage of cartilage and ligaments. Injuries due to high-force events like extreme sports or traumatic vehicle accidents, may greatly disrupt the surrounding knee anatomy. Other reasons for knee injuries include degenerative joint disease, arthritis, overuse, infections, or gout. A knee doctor can perform diagnostics in order to evaluate the knee itself, and nearby tissues. 

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You may be feeling distraught and unsure about your ability to fully recover from your knee injury. You may have even gone through many treatments with many different doctors, and are looking for an alternative treatment plan. An experienced knee doctor can go over with you the treatment options that are unique to your body. Every patient is different and should not all be treated the same when it comes to care. Schedule an appointment with a doctor today to begin getting relief for your pain.