What to Expect When You’re Interested in Hair Transplant Treatment

Many people who suffer from hair loss wish that they could turn back the clock on aging. They miss the full head of hair that they used to have. The good news for these people is that it is possible to turn the clock on your thinning hair through a hair transplant. What do you need to know to ensure that you have a natural-appearing new head of hair?

What Makes a Good Candidate

To be a good candidate and to ensure that you have natural-looking results, you need to have healthy hair on your scalp. This is the hair that will be transplanted to the thinning areas to encourage new growth. You also have to be able to grow hair on the thinning area of your scalp. Your dermatologist can perform a scalp exam to ensure that you are an appropriate candidate. It is crucial to find out why you are experiencing hair loss. This can impact the procedures that you qualify for and what can be done about your loss. Dermatologists have the equipment necessary to take a biopsy of the scalp for this purpose.

In some cases, you may not be able to have a complete head of hair. There are situations where you may only be able to have fuller hair than what you have right now. You can expect the dermatologist will break down what your expectations should be.

What Helps Ensure Results

Between two and eight weeks, you will lose your transplanted hair. Then, after three months, your hair may look even thinner than it did before you had the transplant. This is a normal part of the process that you need to be prepared for. You will begin to see the results in about six to nine months. While some people do not see results for about 12 months, the majority of cases see complete improvement a year after the surgery.

Most doctors or dermatologists will recommend medicine that can treat hair loss. There are treatments that can help you to retain the results after the surgery. Some medicines will slow down hair loss and thinning and so you can maintain your look for years.

If you are curious about hair transplants but worried about the procedure and whether it will look natural, your next step should be to consult with a hair transplant doctor, like Dr. Robin Unger, as soon as possible. Hair transplants can lead to natural looking results in patients.