Will a Good Workout Remedy Subluxation?

When you experience subluxation, it often comes with pain, discomfort and other similar sensations. You might consider chiropractic treatment as a remedy, but could also wonder if a good workout would do the same thing. Chiropractic care is a lot different than your typical workout. While they should actually be completed in conjunction with each other, they are two different actions that offer two different results.

Chiropractic Care vs. Exercise

Chiropractic care consists of gentle movements of the spine and joints. With gentle force, the spine is brought back into alignment after an injury or any other type of normal life event. Many patients feel immediate relief after just one appointment, while others require multiple adjustments before the pain is permanently relieved.

Exercise consists of sometimes gentle, sometimes vigorous movements of the entire body. There are low-impact exercises that are softer on the joints and other body parts, and there are higher-impact exercises that require proper training to avoid injury. Many individuals feel a rush of adrenaline during and after an exercise routine, and while it’s a similar feeling to the after effect of an adjustment, it’s a different result.

Which Action Should Come First

If you need a chiropractic adjustment and are also considering an exercise routine, you may wonder which to complete first. The following are three reasons to visit your chiropractor before you work out.

  1. Adjustments remove pressure. If you’re experiencing any type of pain, it won’t be relieved after a workout, which could make your workout uncomfortable. If you are adjusted first, that pressure will be relieved, allowing you to move more fluidly during your workout and feel better after.
  2. Adjustments balance the muscles. Your muscles get a lot of movement when you take on a good workout. If you balance your muscles before your workout, it will be safer and you’ll be more flexible. This makes your workout more effective overall.
  3. Adjustments relax the body. It’s easier for you to relax after you have been adjusted. Many times, your muscles are tense going into a workout, but if you have been adjusted beforehand, those muscles will be less tense. This helps you to avoid injury during your workout.

Scheduling a Chiropractic Appointment

Before you head into that workout, remember that chiropractic care is equally as important and will work together with your exercise routine for better health. Contact a chiropractic clinic, like a chiropractor at Mid-Atlantic Spinal Rehab & Chiropractic, to schedule an appointment.