How Chiropractors Treat Pregnant Patients

Pain and discomfort know no bounds. People of all ages and walks of life can succumb to a variety of physical issues. Pregnant women understand this as well as anyone. The nine months of pregnancy can be an exciting time of anticipation and joy. The effects on the woman’s body can also be difficult to bear. As the woman’s body changes, there can be a lot of pressure on her hips, pelvis, knees, and back. These feelings intensify as the weeks go on and the delivery date draws closer. While a pregnant woman may never be pain-free, a chiropractor’s treatment can help considerably.

Safe and Effective

There has long been debate over the usefulness and safety of treating pregnant women with chiropractic adjustments. Some women worry about how the visits will affect their well-being and health of their developing fetus. However, no definitive evidence exists that shows that this treatment is dangerous to the patient or her baby. Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery with these treatments, so women don’t have to worry about any side effects that could result.

Adjusting The Adjustments

Typical chiropractic treatment includes a spinal adjustment. This is the most common method to relieve pains in the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, and hands. The chiropractor has the patient lie down on a table to do this. Next, the chiropractor places his or her hands on the patient’s back. Using direct, controlled pressure, the doctor will manipulate the person’s spine and move it into the right place. The doctor will customize the treatment for pregnant women. In this situation, the woman may sit in a chair rather than lie down. A chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Silver Spring, MD, will also adjust the pressure and may even use an instrument. The doctor may provide a cushion or pillow for comfort.

How Chiropractic Care Helps

Adjustments are good for pregnant women whose posture is suffering. It may also be effective at correcting a curved back or changes to the patient’s pelvis. Adjustments can make it more tolerable for the woman to be on her feet for long periods of time. The treatment may also reduce the severity and frequency of headaches and lower back pain.

Some Exceptions

There are times when a pregnant woman shouldn’t visit the chiropractor. Women who have an ectopic pregnancy or who have vaginal bleeding should wait until after labor and delivery to make an appointment.

If you are expecting, chiropractic visits can be complementary to your doctor’s office checkups. You can better manage your pain level during your pregnancy.

Thanks to AmeriWell Clinics for their insight into pregnant women going to see the chiropractor.